66 is aged?

Since I’m a writer, I do research. The Internet is one tool but I still use the old-fashioned method of talking to others in person and on the phone.

I was writing an article for Demand Studios  to answer the question, “What happens to my Social Security disability payment when I reach retirement age?” Since I’m on SSD, I had a general knowledge that it “became” retirement. I took the assignment to learn the facts.

Research on the website, www.ssa.gov didn’t reveal any hard facts on this subject and I called.

I have heard horror stories about dealing with SSD and the people managing it but I’m here to tell you my experience has been consistently positive. The woman I spoke with gave me a clear answer and then we both laughed – outright  chuckling – together.

She said, “Once a person on SSD reaches retirement age, we no longer consider them disabled but aged.”

I repeated her words back to her confirming I heard correctly and added, “So when I’m 66, my MS will be gone, according to the government? I will just be aged?”

“Well, that’s what the government says about someone on SSD. When they reach retirement age, we consider them only aged, not disabled. Nothing changes in  your payments and you will get a letter explaining,” she replied.

I eagerly await 66 so I can celebrate no longer being disabled. But I know better and MS is here to stay. This must be proof again that the government truly is not capable of running healthcare.

I hope you are smiling!


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