Certified hearing dog!

Toby is now officially my Certified Hearing Dog! Pilot/Hearing Dogs tested him and after months of training, he passed like a champ!


One response to “Certified hearing dog!

  1. Hi Liz, It’s been a while since we communicated. I was happy to see your picture along with Toby! I still have my Doxie’s. My little blk & blond is now
    1&1/2yrs and my older tan & blk boy is 6. They’re both long hair. And their
    longhair cousin has been visiting for the past 8 months! Life’s a little hectic, but they do give me enjoyment when I’m down with my MS. It seems the fatigue is getting worse as I get older, and I can’t explain it to anyone. Especially family. Copaxone has been working wonderfully for me, but I still have problems on my left side, especially on the left side of my head. But working with my neurologist and keeping up with Copaxone has helped tremendously. I’m happy to have come upon your site and remember e-mailing earlier. I hope and pray the best for you, Susan

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