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Since I am a writer, I tend to edit as I read. When I read a book that flows, reads well and sends a great message, I will put my review here. The first one I will review is Mountains for Maddi by Barbara Dickson.

Mountains for Maddi$16.95 at Amazon – worth every penny

Barbara’s writing is delightful and easy to read. Her story is sweet and feels very real, even though it is fiction.

It takes place in Canada at a mountain resort. Anyone who has MS, or difficulty walking, will appreciate what the main character, Maddi, deals with in this setting of snow, ice and mountains.

Maddi is attending a conference to give her testimony as a patient in a trial for a new MS drug. She is in remission and able to “try” to ski. She’s not a skier at heart but has a friend who encourages her. This is where she meets a man – I won’t ruin this story – who is the other main character.  She finds out after she is smitten with him, that he is the doctor responsible for the new MS drug. She delays telling him she has MS until he discovers it in an untimely way.

Read this book for a realistic, yet romantic, story of how people can love and live with a disease like MS. You may understand better how people with MS hesitate to make emotional and romantic commitments, if they are selfless like Maddi.

This is a good read and one I have shared with friends. One reader said, “It was wonderful. I read it yesterday.”  It is visual, believable and has wide appeal for all readers of good writing and story telling. Write some more, Barbara!


2 responses to “Book Reviews

  1. The young woman who gave the literary quality to my writing has been diagnosed with MS shortlt before our work was competed.
    It breaks my heart, for she is a most gifte writer and progressive activist for humanitarian causes.
    I met her at the tme when she just started college we have developed a close relationship while working on my book. Her own accounts of the experience is one of the most telling about the origins of my book.

  2. She would enjoy this book. Sorry to hear that and if she needs an MS friend, I’m here for her.

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